Dental Check-up and Cleaning

    Even if you brush and floss regularly and with the proper technique, bacteria and plaque can still lurk in places you cannot see with your naked eye. That’s why it’s important to come for a regular check-up and scaling and polishing appointment with your dentist.  

    For most people, we would recommend getting this done every 6 months. Come down to any of our clinics across Singapore for a convenient and fuss-free check-up today! 

    What will be done at my regular dental check-up?

    A regular dental check-up usually will include scaling and polishing and fluoride treatment. Every 1-2 years, it is also recommended that you take x-rays to identify any hidden areas of concern.

    Scaling and Polishing
    $70 - $130
    Fluoride Therapy
    (on top of Scaling and Polishing)

    Further subsidies for Blue CHAS/MG/PG cardholders apply.

    All prices quoted are before GST. 7% GST is payable at selected clinics and will be added to the charges.

    Frequently Asked Questions