Cheam Li Chang
    Dental Surgeon

    BDS (Singapore)

    Dental Clinics

    Bukit Batok (Thong Hoe)

    Bukit Panjang

    Jurong West

    After Dr. Cheam graduated from the National University of Singapore, she worked in government and several private dental surgeries before starting her own clinic in Bukit Batok, where she has been for the last 30 years

    Dentistry has been a rewarding career in several ways, allowing her to meet and work with many interesting people as well as serve the community.

    Dr. Cheam is passionate about art and aesthetics and believe that they are vital to our sense of humanity.  She likes watching movies and going to plays and exhibitions. She also enjoys reading, particularly fiction. Pottery making has been a rewarding hobby for the last two years. She finds it wonderful, almost magical, to be able to create something lasting,  useful and perhaps beautiful out of simple clay. She likes giving her pieces to friends and family.